Information posted on our FAQ's page is meant to answer basic consumer questions pertaining to our warehoused and stored LM6000, LM5000, LM25000, and LM1600 GE industrial gas turbine OEM parts. For detailed information such as return policy, product warranty info, shipping and returns, please contact our sales department at [email protected].

What serviceable & overhauled OEM parts do you carry?

Our services specialize in the refurbishing and warehousing of mainly LM6000 parts that are sent through our certified and licensed overhaul shops to obtain refurbished and cost-effective part options and inspection services for your GE Gas Turbine companies.  Our inventory may also include LM5000, LM2500, and LM1600 GE models.

Are your GE gas turbine inspection services done through third parties or through your company?

Our employees have an extensive amount of years of experience working within General Electric's Gas Turbine Industry and has provided our services to several OEM authorized depots, ensuring that they receive quality parts and servicing.  We personally speak to our clients face-to-face, through telephone, and via email on a daily basis to ensure our job is fully completed until the end.

How do we view your current inventory?

Our inventory is only able to be viewed by clients that have contacted our sales department directly at [email protected] or by contacting us through our phone line at +1 (561)-427-2007.  If you send us your RFQ through email, we will check our inventory and promptly email you back to let you know if your part is in stock.

What if my LM6000, LM5000, LM2500, LM1600 part is not in your inventory?

Our current customer service, sales, and managerial staff have long-standing affiliations with many different gas turbine overhaul shops, gas turbine brokers, and current gas turbine engineering firms that obtain current stored engine information that can allow us to connect you to a another firm that may have your part in stock.  It would be best to reach out to us via email and send us an RFQ of your particular part at [email protected].

Are your parts used and how are they saving me money?

Our current inventory is refurbished by our certified and licensed OEM shops.  Our extensive amount of years in the industry has enabled us to obtain long-standing relationships with the top gas turbine engineering companies that provide us with pre-packaged, cost-effective, and quality OEM gas turbine parts for the LM6000, LM5000, LM2500, and LM1600 GE models.